Tis the Season to Craft

All the craft stores are having sales on their Christmas decorating items and also decor so we know this is the season to start our craft projects before we need to decorate.  Sometimes this means pulling out old wreaths and swags to make them look new and fresh.  I have had a four-foot wreath for over ten years and this year I have just the place for it out front.  So off to the store we went, my friend and I.

When you walk into a store as large as Hobby Lobby you can get lost in the Christmas flower selection and then you move to the other side of the store and you find nothing but Christmas decorations and craft items.  They have an entire aisle of nothing but Christmas picks for your decorating needs and another aisle of different ribbon and another with so many ornaments you can easily put a theme on your tree or greenery.  The picks are separated into the red section, then greenery, white and on the other side you can find picks with wood added into the picks.

Now for those who do not know what a floral pick is I will explain. It is a group of flowers, Christmas bulbs, toys/gifts,  and greenery arranged on a long piece of heavy wire.  You can place them in an arrangement or on a wreath to pull more things together.  They are great so you don’t have to personally pull different textures, colors, and themes together on your own.  It is my easy way out when I am doing large items like a wreath.  I sometimes use them on my Christmas tree as well.  They add more to the tree than just the Christmas bulbs.

After I purchased everything I wanted, I pulled it together and placed them in different bags.  One bag for the wreath, one bag for the garland that will wrap around the porch, and then a miscellaneous bag.  By sorting the items I controlled my theme I wanted to go with and I don’t use the multiple floral picks I purchased for a particular project.  It controlled me more than anything.  I hate when I use something I had intended for another project and have to go back to the store to purchase more to fill the area I am decorating.

My greenery saving technique is using floral wire when affixing my Christmas bulbs, flowers, and picks.  I like to reuse my wreaths, swags, and garland.  If I decide to change the color theme next year I can take the items off and replace them.  If I hot glue them on it will pull out the needles and destroy the body of the piece I am working with.  Most of the greenery you purchase for your Christmas projects have a life of longer than one year.  It took me a while to take all the lights and past items off my wreath this morning but it was well worth all the work.

Before I did anything I put a sheet over my door to protect the wood on the door and the trim.  The last thing you want to do is give yourself another project that could be harder to fix than you anticipate.  After I put my Christmas lights on the wreath I will place the things I want on the wreath in a temporary way so I can rearrange if I don’t like the way it looks.  I will admit I sometimes cheat and go to Pinterest to get ideas before I go to the store.  I always add more things to my project to make it my own.

When you place the last item on your project you can stand back and smile.  It is part of you and part of who you are.  I normally take a picture of the before and after so I have a record of what I did.  If the wind blows things around you also have a way to reference what the original piece looked like before mother nature played her hand on your outside decorations.

Have fun with your decorating.  Always make it yours.  Add ornaments that represent your life the past year or the children in your life or add pine cones off a new tree you planted this year.  They have ornaments you can put pictures in and make it all about family.  Have fun.  Don’t make it a chore.  It is supposed to be a stress relief. Don’t be afraid to quit when you start to getting tired or frustrated.  I have done that many times.

Happy Christmas crafting.