Dad’s Chair

Next month it will be 14 years since my father passed away, September 16, and I think about him every day.  When I think about my dad I look back and wish I had spent more time with him.  The doctors said he had three to five years to live and we had nine months with him.  I guess the signs were there when he was not feeling well, spending more time sitting in the kitchen looking out the window and sitting in his chair in the office.  We were so lucky to have so many good people in our lives who harvested the crops and helped dad out when he needed it or just stopped over to talk to him about what was going on at the round table in town and how the crops were doing.

When my dad passed away the things I wanted was his desk and chair. Mom didn’t want them, she didn’t have a place for them when she moved into town.  I have placed both items in my office and I even inherited the love seat he had in his office, as well as his filing cabinet.  I was always my father’s daughter as I followed him all over the farm and was never far behind him when he was feeding or working in the barn.  He was my mentor and he taught me so much over the years.  These items just keep me remembering all the good memories and feeling like he is watching over me and I am making him proud.  🙂

As I sit in his chair it is as if he has his arms around me telling me “you can do this and I love you.”  I created ProDuctions over 25 years ago and he was able to see me starting the company, watching as it grew.  When I had a question he was there to help me think about how I wanted to handle the situation or what I wanted the end result to be.  He always taught me to remember where I came from, there is nothing more important than your reputation in business and don’t forget how you were brought up.

Today I walked into my office, I looked at my dad’s chair sitting there waiting for me.  I have been so blessed over the years with all my friends and people I have met on my journey.   Two years ago we published Galon the Northern Pintail Duck, last year I published The Silver Heart under Samantha Sheridan and I am working on the second book in the Galon series of books.  I have five total books written about Galon and his adventures.  My dad read a few of them, but many were written after he passed away.  The Silver Heart was written in the 90’s and he told me I needed to publish it, which I did and am so proud of it, as well as Galon.

Anyone who knows me knows I can not just write a book, I have to go the extra mile.  La Donna Brewer-Capps and Barry Wayne are two of my dearest friends and they wrote “You Can Do Anything” for Galon.  He is a tough duck and they fight over him all the time saying he is their duck. LOL    La Donna recorded the song in the Tone Slinger Recording Studios, in Nashville, and I am so proud of that song.  I know it was done with all the love in the world and their friendship means the world to me.  Galon has gotten his wings and he has a lot of ground to cover yet in his travels.

For those who do not know his story… Galon’s creation came from two ducks who traveled to my parent’s pond every year.  They would land at the pond and would stay there for several months and then move on.  While I was sitting out there one day I came up with the idea of writing a book about a duck named Galon.  It seemed the things I encountered in life became more stories about Galon.  Galon even broke his wing in one story.  That book was written when I was thrown from a horse and broke my shoulder and wrist.  Galon goes through the same things I did and had the same feelings I was feeling at the time.  He has friends at the pond and he also has friends in the farmer’s barn who come into the stories.

Today I am sitting in my dad’s chair and I am working on editing the second book. I am giving Galon more character and adding to his story of growth as he travels to the city.  He has never been farther than the pond so it is an adventure as he encounters cars,  manikins in store windows, and makes friends with a mouse.

This big leather chair has become part of me and who I am.  I can still picture dad sitting in the chair and at his desk as we walked into the house.  There are so many things going on in the world and it is nice to have a place to go where memories come flooding back about the good times.  My dad’s picture hangs on the wall behind me of him sitting on his horse Red.  The picture was taken when they were rounding up cattle in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Good times are great memories and sometimes turn into great books.

Have an awesome week!  Travel safe.

Pam for information on where to find Galon the Northern Pintail Duck and The Silver Heart.

“You Can Do Anything” LaDonna Brewer-Capps and Barry Wayne.  Vocals by LaDonna Brewer-Capps.



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