Kids and Easter

I was bitten by the flu bug the past few weeks, adding in an upper respiratory infection and I was down for the count.  When I finally made a trip into town, I ventured to the Walmart and passed by the Easter section.  I stopped only long enough to make the decision to work on that project another day.  It was my first outing, and the doctor’s instructions were to not tax myself and pay for it later.  LOL, I have learned that was good advice because I did and regretted it.

Today I thought about Easter and the kids. It doesn’t matter how old you are the idea of hunting for Easter eggs around the yard is always fun.  I remember my mom dressing me up in a pretty Spring dress with lots of lace and a hat for Easter Sunrise service at church.  We would come home, and mom would work on Easter dinner while we changed clothes and the eggs suddenly appeared in the yard.  Our Easter bunny came later and dropped off the eggs while we went to church I guess.  We were whisked off to church, so we didn’t have time to check out the yard and see if the Easter bunny stopped at our house.  The eggs always had different kinds of candy in, and we each emptied our eggs into our own bowls.

Now it is my turn to do the egg preparation and egg hiding.  My plan of action is to collect all my change and put some change and a few dollar bills in the eggs before placing them around the yard on Easter morning.  I also purchase a few other things and put special eggs out for each of the grandkids to find, turning them in for bigger gifts.  Sometimes I purchase bubble wands,  ear buds,  hot wheels, or anything else I think would fit the kids.  It makes the hunt even more exciting.

I normally do an Easter basket for each of the kids, but this year I am thinking in other directions.  My oldest grandson is 14, and the youngest is 4.  Lucas would probably like an Easter basket, but now days not many parents put a lot of candy in the Easter baskets and I am sure he won’t be impressed with granola bars lol.  I know as a grandparent I don’t have to do anything, but it is my way of being part of their day and doing something special for them.

What are your ideas for Easter?  Do you have any projects you have done in the past that worked well with your children?  Please share.  Would love to hear them.

Pam Easter-Basket