Holidays and Family

It has been a little while since I wrote my last blog.  I lost a dear friend this past week and the holidays are here in a few days.  I think about the family who not only lost their son and brother but their father the week before.   I read a post on Facebook one of the family members wanted to skip Christmas this year.

Holidays are a hard time for a lot of people every year.  I still remember the years we had Christmas at my parent’s house, and Dad would have the fireplace lit. As you walked into the house you could smell the ham baking in the oven, and you could hear mom mashing the potatoes in the pot she used every year.  The pies were laid out on the countertop by the bay window, with the other desserts sitting next to them.  Each had its own fork or spoon next to their container.  There were small Christmas napkins next to the desserts with decorative paper plates.

It took no time at all before the kids were in the living room, with the grandfather watching over them, sitting as close to the tree as they could.  They knew if they move too close they would hear the famous words, “Back up.  You’re too close.” Grandpa would be reading his newspaper, but somehow could see through the paper to what was going on.  They would look at him with hopes he would let them open just one present.  When asked he normally told them after we ate then the Christmas presents would be opened.

This year many families will not celebrate Christmas, making memories such as this.  This week children passed away in a bus crash in Tennessee, police officers have been attacked and killed, military personnel will be overseas, and loved ones have passed away leaving an empty chair at the dinner table.

I still miss my Dad and Mom, especially during the holidays.  When Dad passed away, we made sure we were all together for that first Christmas without him.  Yes, it was a sad time with that empty chair sitting there, but we knew he would want us to keep living our lives.  I think that was the last Christmas my entire family was together.  We have gone our separate ways and now live in multiple states.  My children come home every holiday.

It is my turn to spend hours making the turkey for Thanksgiving, homemade mashed potatoes, different vegetables for different tastes and we can’t have Thanksgiving without dressing and cranberry salad.  I tried making a frozen pumpkin pie one year.  That was the last year that happened. lol  Everyone quietly protested in their individual way.  The clue was when they didn’t fight over the leftover pie to take home lol.  I make an extra pie now, so they all have something to take home to snack on.

This year I will think about the families who lost someone and the people we have lost in our lives.  I am sure Dad and Uncle Larry are in heaven discussing the Presidential election. lol  Uncle Larry was a true southerner, so if they have Christmas dinner in heaven, there will be biscuits and gravy on his plate.  🙂 My dad will have his meat and potatoes.  I am sure there is a piece of homemade bread on his plate with some homemade jam on the bread.  Pumpkin pie with whipped cream will be next to his water glass.

What is my Thanksgiving wish this year?  I wish people would get along, stop all the name calling and being so rude.  Politically correctness goes both ways.  If you don’t like being called names and being persecuted, then you need to stop.  We are a divided nation and it is time to come back together.  Just as the Pilgrims and Indians came together for the first Thanksgiving, we can come together as a nation.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you. May your travels be safe and family time preciously filled with love.




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