One Girl Taking on Her World

Every day we hear about people who are on welfare, federal assistance or demanding more free benefits from the government.  The news and social media plaster these stories all over their pages. What happened to the human need to excel and succeed on your own?  Those taking on more than one job to show they can make it in this world and be proud of themselves.  This weekend I found one girl who is taking on the world and surviving the best she can with what she has been given.

On Saturday I was with a friend and we met a young girl who was employed to do a service job.  I don’t want to say where or in what job to protect her identity, we will call her Abby.   We talked to her for a little while about her life.  Abby’s father passed away when she was very young, and her mother moved away with a boyfriend when she was fifteen and her brother was nine or ten.  They moved in with a cousin to keep themselves out of the system and she ended up pregnant.   This young lady is now working two jobs to feed herself and her daughter; she is presently looking for an apartment, so she has a place to move into when she turns 18.  The government will take away her social security, from her dad’s death, because she is eighteen, so she needs to look for more work.  Luckily she has a babysitter to help out and she is determined to do this with no public assistance.

The one thing she said that really made me think about how determined she was is “I don’t want to ask for help with food or go on welfare.  I want to do this right.”  How many people would say that?  Abby graduated from high school a year early, has a two-year-old little girl, who is just adorable and so cute, and she is working two jobs to make it.  This is the next generation we want to see taking over.  Not the ones who want free college, free food, free rent, and not have to work at a real job. This country is never going to survive if everyone thinks they deserve to be waited on and given free stuff.  Someone has to take charge and someone has to work to make this country strong and keep it running.

Several years ago a mom was telling me the story of her son who had just moved back in with her.  She was not upset he moved back in with her; she was upset with the reason why.  He quit his job at a fast food restaurant because he didn’t think his boss should be allowed to tell him what to do and tell him how to do his job.  Really?  He had just started the job and he thought he should be able to do whatever he wanted.  It doesn’t work that way.  You learn from those who are in authority and one day you are the one teaching others.

I laugh as I think about my son who was one day and he stood at the top of the stairs telling me one day he would be in charge and he would do what he wanted.  I laugh because he was only nine or ten at the time and I told him when he was out on his own and paying his rent he could be in charge and decide what was best for him.  If we raise our children right, they learn morals and how to take care of themselves.  Knowing right from wrong and that shooting a police officer or burning down businesses are wrong in so many ways.  Can you look back and say I have no regrets in my life of things I did that were terribly wrong?

As we were talking to the Abby, my friend asked if the young girl had any idea what she wanted to do with her future and we were told she would like to go to college and learn to be a nurse or something in the medical field.  My friend told her she needed to go to the local college and talk to them about going to college.  “I would be very happy to know my tax money is going to someone like you for your education,” was my friend’s response.  A smile lit up Abby’s face and she said she would work hard to graduate and get a great job to support herself and her daughter.

There are times in our life when we run into someone whom we don’t forget.  That day when you smile about a conversation you had or an experience that made you feel good. “Abby” is one of many girls in this country who do care about surviving and who are working hard to make their lives better.  They are the mom’s of the early years who also went through the same thing and survived and became an even better parent because they taught their children the gift of working hard for what you want and never giving up on your dreams.  I hope that young girl keeps believing that her dreams can come true and she can accomplish anything if she sets her mind to it.


single mom


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