Purchase a Book/Not to Purchase a Book?

I had an interesting discussion with a friend the other day and we talked about purchasing books, going to the library, or going the eBooks route.  She said she couldn’t think of a book she would read over and over or want to own for her own collection.  I started to ponder this and have thought about it a lot over the past few days.

There are avid readers who read three or more books a week.  My Aunt Joanne goes to the library and she reads “novels”, books with a page length of over 400 pages, every week.  In fact, she reads several of them a week.  Many people do nothing but read when they are relaxing or just before bed.   I have seen people reading on planes, on a lounge chair sitting on the beach, at ball practice for their kids or at the pool while their kids are swimming. My mom had three paper, grocery, bags of romance books in her front closet we found while cleaning.  Most of her friends read the romance stories and they passed them around to each other, sharing the cost.  For some of her friends, on a limited budget, this gave them many hours of enjoyment for no cost.

I looked up the statics on book sales.  According to the Association of American Publishers in 2014, there were 2,700,245,640 books sold, with a total revenue of $27,977,219,614.   Over 510 billion eBooks were sold in 2014, with only a .2% increase.  Paperback books still rule the book industry with 4.84 billion sold in 2014.  582 million hardback books were sold in 2014, which is about the same as the eBooks.

Anyone who reads has a favorite author or several authors.  I love several of Nicholas Sparks’ books and can not pick out a favorite.  My friends and I read the books before the movie comes out and then we make it an event to go to dinner and then the movie.  Although Longest Ride gets five stars from me with Scott Eastwood in. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were both equally perfect for their parts in the Last Song.   I have several books in my collection ranging from Harry Potter to Stephen King to James Van Praagh to Gene Simmons to Kate Hudson, all hardback books.  My treasured book collection is an original set, from the 1930’s to 1950s, by Zane Grey in mint condition. .Of course, I have all kinds of self-help books in my library.  A book library can be as diverse as the person reading the books.  There are also the collectors that search through many books stores for first editions of the classics, adding them to their library.

I am the biggest sucker for a great love story and a great romance novel.  Maybe that is why I wrote The Silver Heart.  It is the part of me that feels every love story has a great ending and the greatest love of one’s life is never out of reach.  Not matter how hard the path is to get to that aww moment in your life if you believe in that love and work hard at it nothing can stop it.

Samantha Sheridan






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