Montana Silversmiths

When I started on the final edits, on The Silver Heart manuscript, I sat back and looked at the front cover we were working on.  I was missing the necklace, the very thing the main character had throughout the story.  The silver heart necklace was purchased at a booth, at the Ohio State Fair, by Mike, one of the main characters. What does this necklace look like?  What drew the main character, Sue, to that particular necklace? It came to me I needed a necklace the readers could relate to.  I searched the internet and was not finding anything I wanted. The necklaces just didn’t fit the character and who she was.  Some were too modern, some were heart lockets, they were gold, too ornamental and some were interlocking hearts. After several weeks I put the search on hold. I thought I would never find that “one” necklace for the book.

One day I was pulling out my leather concho belt, to wear with a pair of jeans and boots, and I found my inspiration.  On the brown leather belt was my Montana Silversmith’s silver belt buckle.  On the back of the buckle was “In memory of Larry Monnin”.  I looked up and thanked Larry for his help in finding what I was looking for.  Sitting down at the computer, I Googled Montana Silversmiths’ silver heart necklace.  I went through all the images and found the heart necklace I was looking for.  It was perfect.  The next step was to go to their website and find the necklace on the website,  LOL much to say I was distracted.  Have you ever been to their website?  There are so many “really” nice things.  I could start a Christmas list with all the things I found on the website that I fell in love with.  Sterling silver bracelets, earrings, necklaces and of course belt buckles…sigh.  Let me start my list of wants, which I could make into a list of needs. lol

After much searching, I emailed the company with a picture of the necklace.  They were so nice to me and asked for a copy of my manuscript so they knew who I was and was the book something they wanted to be part of.  Several days later the email arrived directing me to Melissa, who is wonderful.  We have been talking ever since and laying out plans for the necklace and the book.  The necklace was placed on the front of the book cover and has become one of the important pieces of The Silver Heart story.

I have to mention, I have a necklace from them and the quality is outstanding.  The detail in the necklace is exquisite and the sterling silver metal is the best.  It is on a heavier chain so I don’t have to worry about losing the necklace.  I found several more pieces, which are going to become part of my collection, and you will be seeing me wearing more of the Montana Silversmiths line of jewelry.  My daughter is on the front of the book cover and I think for Christmas she is going to have to have a heart necklace of her own.  She likes the more dainty, smaller, necklaces and the great thing is Montana Silversmiths have various sizes.

Today I am making this my “thank you” Friday blog.  There are so many people involved with The Silver Heart.  When I went on a hunt for that “one piece” to make the book more real to my readers, and to bring them closer to the characters, Montana Silversmiths was there for me.  I can not thank them enough for being part of this book.  Melissa and everyone at Montana Silversmiths are just the greatest to work with.  Thank you for being part of my adventure!

Have a great weekend and pay it forward for someone.  Give one person a smile on what may be just an ordinary day for them.  🙂

Samantha Sheridan



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