Stories Written as a Newspaper Editor

When I was going to Wright State University, Lake Campus, with a major in communications, one of my teachers sent me on an internship at a local radio station.  I started out in the newsroom writing news stories, doing news reports on air, covering school board, council and fair board meetings, as well as doing a few remotes at basketball games. It was my start in the media world and writing career. From there I started a job in the big town of Moulton, Ohio.  Moulton had a furniture store, grain elevator, a church and a radio station, very small town.  I worked as the Saturday night on-air personality, Bobbie Michaels, and filled in during the week when needed.  That radio station is where my marketing and promotions started.  I worked with remotes, organized baseball games, and other promotions I could get involved with at the radio station.

The radio station moved to Lima and I decided to change jobs.  I moved to the Wapakoneta Daily News and became a news reporter.  I eventually became an editor and did special articles for the newspaper. I still remember walking down the streets with Paul Fisher hearing all the stories of who lived in the big old houses, the Jewish man who lived in the house that was the home of Long and Folk Funeral home and other historic buildings. Paul told me the stories of the underground railroad going through Wapakoneta and the tunnels that ran under the street from house to house.  He said there were still some open, but the tunnels were not safe to travel through anymore.  Paul Fisher has since passed away, but he made an imprint on my life and gave me insight into some of the history of the homes in Wapakoneta and why they have a historical value to the town.

One of the stories I ran for the newspaper ended up in the Haunted Ohio I book.  I once lived in an older building in Freyburg that had been made into apartments.  There were three apartments in the building.  We had strange things happening in the building and no one could explain it.  I lost $20 I had placed on the TV and it was never found back, I was the only one home.  Kenny and Laura Meyer reported a saddle floating down from the railing on the second floor of their apartment.  Their little girl talked of an old man she saw and she would wake up to her crib wet all around her, she was completely dry.  I contacted Major Rich Strong, from Wright Pat, and he came up with a lady from Findlay, a medium.  We had access to the entire building, everyone left for the day.  The medium picked up an old man who had remained there since the building was a mercantile in the late 1800s. She described the large wooden barrels holding pickles, the canvas bags of flour and sugar, farming tools and other items in the mercantile.  She also talked about an Indian girl the old man had with him.  The merchantile had also been a stopping point for the underground railroad moving north.  The entire story was one you could only sit there and take lots of notes on.  As a medium, she communicated to the spirits it was time to move on and leave the building.  Long story short it was one of the best stories I think I every had a chance to being part of.  I had moved out before doing this story, but the residents reported no more saddles falling from the railing and the little girl no longer talked about the old man.

I loved doing the stories about the man from Wapak who raised the largest tomato, taking pictures of the students with their school programs, musicals, achievements and posting the information in the newspaper.  I think when you look outside the box you see a story in things that may not mean much to some, but the people involved love that you took the time to tell their story.  I have said many times I would love to do the “Who Do You Think You Are” show and travel to where my ancestors walked and find out more about them.  LOL that could be another book.  I do know on my mom’s side, Makley family, was the Dillinger gang and Charles Makley.  He was jailed in our county jail.  My dad’s family is the side I don’t know much about.  I am sure there is a book there somewhere lol.

Last night I ordered my copy of Haunted Ohio I from Amazon to have for my collection.  My kids purchased a copy, but until now for some reason I have not. I changed that last night. There are so many stories I did for the newspaper and things I did for the radio station I wish I had kept now.  It is part of our history, so quickly the years pass and we look back wishing we had kept a scrapbook.  I am changing that with my Galon the Northern Pintail Duck book.  I have a working scrapbook in process. 🙂

I want to wish everyone an awesome weekend.  Pick up a book or magazine for just the pleasure, enjoyment or quality time for yourself.  It is an adventure waiting for you in your own home.

Pam Egbert

Information on Haunted Ohio:




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