Authors and their Creation

When you walk into the bookstore to purchase a book, pick up the book off the shelf at name brand store or purchase on ebooks have you stopped to think what brought that book into your hands?  How did the author create this story for your enjoyment?

Most people think a great book is something written in a matter of days and printed by a publishing company right after that. That is what the movies show after all. What they don’t know is all the work that goes into that book.  How much work goes into the entire concept of the book and the target audience.

As an author, we think about a direction we want to go when we start the idea of the book. Some authors layout an outline of the book and follow it through to the end. Other authors start with the first word on the page and follow their heart until the last period is posted at the end. That was the way I wrote The Silver Heart.  I started to type and the story just took on a life of its own.  I had no idea when I started the story where it was going to go and how the book would end.  My book begins with the lead character sitting in a restaurant and having a cup of coffee.  The story goes from there.  LOL I don’t want to give away to much of the story. You need to read it when it comes out.

Once the final word was typed I let the book sit for a while and walked away.  I went back a few weeks later to edit.  I wanted to look at the book with a fresh set of eyes and decide if I liked the book.  I cried through a part of it and I knew I didn’t want to change it.  I printed the book and I gave it to a few friends and family to see what they thought of it.  Ages of 14 to 60 either loved the book, cried or hated me for the way I wrote the storyline, As an author I was more than thrilled because a show of emotion meant I had written The Silver Heart with my heart and had the reactions I wanted.

Now the book goes off to the editor and we go through 3 edits, pages and pages of changes. While my editor was working on the edit I took a long shot and called Montana Silversmiths and talked to them about a sterling silver heart necklace to go with the book.  Melissa was wonderful and yes they were willing to work with me to give the readers a real Silver Heart necklace to wear and enjoy.  My next step was getting approval from the American Quarter Horse Association to use their name, events and offices in my book.  After sending the book to their head office I was sent a letter approving using their organization in the book. The last step was to contact a young man who I wrote into my book many years ago, Pete Oen.  He is now one of the top barrel horse trainers in the United States, on the pages of the Barrel Horse News and other magazines for him accomplishments. He agreed to be part of my book and also do any public appearances he could.  Yes, it is a fictional book with maybe a few real life characters added in. lol  So, almost everything was put together for the marketing of my book, with only a few things left to do.

With my background in marketing and public relations, I am not the normal author.  I went in directions most authors do not.  We have a song to go with this book as well and we are working on getting the song produced.  Not sure if that will be accomplished by the time of publishing, but we are sure trying.

The final step is to create a layout of everything going on with the marketing of the book for the publisher.  We have a picture we used for the front of the book, a young lady, her horse and the silver heart.  Today I am putting all of that together for the publisher.  Putting the final stamp on the book and making it the best it can possibly be.

My heart is in this book and everything surrounding it.  I have put my stamp on The Silver Heart so the readers feel the characters and know who they are.  Only the best for my readers.

Find a good book this weekend and travel into another world, relaxing with a great cup of coffee.  Nothing is better than reading a great book.

Have an awesome weekend!!

Samantha Sheridan

For more information on Montana Silversmiths go to, American Quarter Horse Association at, Pete Oen at and Pam Egbert Books at


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