Words take life on a page

Over the past six or eight months my book The Silver Heart has gone through a lot of changes.  My editor, Ann Westlake, asked me where I wanted to go with the book when we started the editing process.  She asked if I wanted it to be a harlequin type of book or was I looking to make it more.  My answer was easy, I want to make it more.  I want to be the best it can be and I want it to mean something.  I put many years into writing the book and now to make the changes to the book it is almost like raising your baby to go out into the world and make a stamp on the world.

Montana Silversmiths emailed me the other day and the original silver heart necklace we picked out is not going to be available in stores who sell Montana Silversmiths jewelry and belt buckles.  So the next step was to decide if I wanted to go with the old necklace or go with the new one coming out in July.  That is an answer I will leave you to find out when the book is released.  🙂

When you take on a project you find the project grows on its own.  It takes on a life of its own and like raising children it becomes it’s own being.  What starts out as words on a page has now become a reality and it is now a story which has meaning, characters your readers fall in love with and a soul to it.  Almost every artist I know puts their entire being into their art; be it a manuscript, an original song or a painting.

So now the adventure begins as we talk to new publishers and new companies about The Silver Heart.   Everyone involved with this book has always felt this book is special.  My previews have come back with they either love the book, cry or hate me for the way I brought the characters through the story.  All of which I am happy about because I too have cried through some parts and felt the love through others.  I wrote the book and it still make me cry.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Take some time to read a book and travel to another place, away from any stress you may have.


Samantha Sheridan


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