Spring in Ohio

I thought about Galon this weekend and all his friends who have returned to Ohio for warm weather and summer.  Well, maybe not for the warm weather.  Here in Ohio we scrambled to cover all our vegetables and flowers this weekend for fear of being bitten by the frost.   Some counties had freeze warnings and upper Ohio had snow.  I am sure the ducks were looking for any place they could find to keep warm.  The Mallard ducks were are walking around with their heads held high as their little ones follow behind this weekend. 🙂  Hopefully, it will warm up soon and the water will be warmer as well.

During the cold snap this weekend I did think about the animals outside and the ones that didn’t have a weather report telling them to run and hide and hunker down in a warm place.  Do they have a sixth sense the weather is going to get cold or do they have signs around them which warn them it is going to get cold out?  Of course they know it is time to fly south when the leaves start to turn or the nuts start to drop off the trees and they gather them up for the winter, but what about on May 14th.   The little ducks we saw this weekend were right on the river’s edge and there was not a lot of wooded area to keep warm.

Many years ago my father taught us to throw the brush on piles around the woods so the smaller animals had a place to make their homes during the winter.  Even though my dad passed away in 2003 I have a place at the back of my property which we put our old Christmas trees, brush and weeds for the smaller animals.  I guess it is our way of helping out the animals and being there for them.  It such a joy to see the mother deer come out of hiding with their little ones.  Last year we had a doe and twins walking behind our house.  One year the dog had three little raccoons chased up our light pole by the dog.  The little guy on the bottom kept pushing the rest up higher so he was not getting nipped at by the dog.  It was cute and I pulled the dog in the house so they could get down safely.  I looked out the window and saw all three of them scampering back across the big field to the woods.  Never saw them again.  I am sure they remembered the dog chasing them. lol

Here’s to warmer weather and all the ducks being warm for the rest of the spring and summer.  It is time for the weather to warm up and the little ones to feel good laying out in the sun.

Have a great day!!

Pam Egbert 20160508_113605








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