The Silver Heart book

My latest book, The Silver Heart, has been sent to my editor, Ann Westlake, for the final edit.  I am excited about this book and the story of a very strong woman who took on the world and loved with all her heart. I am very proud of this book and the reviews it has gotten from numerous age groups.

The Silver Heart is about a young woman who is from Ohio and has a deep love for horses.  She has ridden horses all her life, starting with her dapple, gray, pony who was named Mack.  Sue works for several quarter horse associations in her life and through her work she falls in love.  The book travels through her life and I was met with reviews of “I hate you because you made me cry”, to “I love the way the book ended, it was the best.”  LOL so my readers have either hated me, loved me or cried through the book.

When I sent the book to the editor she questioned a few of the things because the book was written back in the 90’s.  In the 90’s we didn’t have the fancy cellphones we have today nor did we have computers like we do today.  They had to leave messages on their answering machines, through they land lines at their houses or apartments.  No instant connections were available for them.  Also, the timeline shows up with the American Quarter Horse Association when she mentions the AQHA was looking into artificial insemination from stallions all over the country.  We have been doing that for many years now and looking back it was a big deal in the 90’s to be able to bred your mare to any stallion you wanted.  They also use VCRs at the shows to do presentations.  That is an age old thing to use. lol.

I love this book and my heart is in this book.  When I was writing the book I was also a 4-H advisor so several of my 4-H members are used in the book as different characters in the book.  In editing I also used several of my friends from today as characters in the book.  It is sad that during editing I teared up in one section and I knew the story of the book and the ending.  The book was written with love and I am giving it to my readers with love.

Have a wonderful day and remember to pay it forward and do something nice for someone you meet during the day.  🙂

Samantha Sheridan


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