April Showers bring April Flowers

In Ohio I was always brought up with the saying April showers bring April flowers, but this year it might be snow showers. Last Saturday we had 3 seasons in one day as it was warm and sunny in the morning, raining in the afternoon and early evening we had blizzard conditions.  Mother Nature had decided to throw everything at us in one day.  We are all tough and resilient, taking on Mother Nature with no fight.  You see according to the calendar it is spring time and we are just waiting for the temperatures to reflect that.

With Mother Nature rearing her nasty temper it gives an author time to write and put more time into their manuscripts.  Curling up in a comfortable chair with a pen and paper, cup of coffee and relaxed is the perfect time to start penning the next novel.  I am waiting for the my current manuscript to come back from my editor and working on the next chapter of my life.  I decided to pull from The Silver Heart on this new book and follow the gypsy’s lead and venture back to Sue’s past life, as an English girl.  As most writers know writing a book takes lots of research into where you want your character to come from and where you want them to go.  So I am doing a history lesson and learning more about England in the late 1840s.  I remember some of what I am reading from World history in school, but there are things I have forgotten, like the collapse of the banks in England in 1846 and the Paris revolution in 1846.  I feel as if this book will be a great compliment to The Silver Heart.  The question will be was the gyspy right or did she miss her past life reading on young Sue?  The answer to the question will be at the end of the next book.  Stay tuned for more as we travel this new road together. 🙂

Samantha Sheridan


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