The Story Comes from Life

As I was driving home today the song Make Me Feel Your Love, by Garth Brooks, came on the radio and I thought of all the music Garth has written over the years. The song The Dance has been used for so many occasions, including the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr.  How creative does one have to be write songs one after another that hit the top 20 in country music?  Does it come from life experiences? If you talk to a songwriter you hear them tell about taking life experiences and writing the songs that reach out to their audiences. George Strait, Luke Bryan, Alan Jackson, Alabama and other great country entertainers all tell the same story.  The great love songs come from their heart. Luke Bryan just wrote a song called Strip It Down for his wife and his love for her.

As an author do we do the same thing?  Do we pull from our emotions of a situation or event and write a book? I think sometimes we do. Other times we read an article or hear a story and it gives us light for a book. Me? My Children’s books came from the animals around our family pond and watching them interact with one another. The turtles swam with the fish and frogs, the geese and ducks didn’t bother either one of them much as they floated around the pond. Relating to some stories I had heard with my youth fellowship group created a story. The second book of the series came from a girl I knew who never traveled out of the state and didn’t know what was on the other side of the state. That became a story for my duck to travel and see things he had not seen before.  Galon the Northern Pintail Duck has become a series of things children encounter and deal with these days.  The first book is a story of accepting his life and that he doesn’t have a mother and father.  In the end he realizes he has a family, they are everyone at the pond.

There are so many stories and songs yet to be produced and the creativity of the artists is something we don’t judge, just appreciate for their fearlessness to do the piece, writing something from their heart to reach out to their fans.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
Ernest Hemingway

April Showers bring April Flowers

In Ohio I was always brought up with the saying April showers bring April flowers, but this year it might be snow showers. Last Saturday we had 3 seasons in one day as it was warm and sunny in the morning, raining in the afternoon and early evening we had blizzard conditions.  Mother Nature had decided to throw everything at us in one day.  We are all tough and resilient, taking on Mother Nature with no fight.  You see according to the calendar it is spring time and we are just waiting for the temperatures to reflect that.

With Mother Nature rearing her nasty temper it gives an author time to write and put more time into their manuscripts.  Curling up in a comfortable chair with a pen and paper, cup of coffee and relaxed is the perfect time to start penning the next novel.  I am waiting for the my current manuscript to come back from my editor and working on the next chapter of my life.  I decided to pull from The Silver Heart on this new book and follow the gypsy’s lead and venture back to Sue’s past life, as an English girl.  As most writers know writing a book takes lots of research into where you want your character to come from and where you want them to go.  So I am doing a history lesson and learning more about England in the late 1840s.  I remember some of what I am reading from World history in school, but there are things I have forgotten, like the collapse of the banks in England in 1846 and the Paris revolution in 1846.  I feel as if this book will be a great compliment to The Silver Heart.  The question will be was the gyspy right or did she miss her past life reading on young Sue?  The answer to the question will be at the end of the next book.  Stay tuned for more as we travel this new road together. 🙂

Samantha Sheridan