Galon the Northern Pintail Duck receives award

Today we are excited to find out Galon the Northern Pintail Duck has been given the 2015 Editors Pick Award from Writers Cramp Editing/Consultants. I was told there were various items on the criteria and this book was check marked off on more items than any other book they had.  We are so excited to see Galon making his mark in 2016.  It is such and honor for this book to be given an award.

Galon the Northern Pintail Duck is about a duck who lives at a pond and through the book realizes he doesn’t have a mom and dad like everyone else.  He starts to feel lonely and left out of a  lot of the family activities.  The book introduces everyone at the pond and what role they play in the dynamics around the pond.  In the end Galon finds out it doesn’t matter if you have one mom, one dad, a step family, foster family or if you are adopted it is still a family and they love you as much as your mom and dad did.

The book is for sale on internet books, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.  You can also purchase the ebook on any of these sites as well.

Hope everyone has a great evening.Book cover.jpg


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